CyberTalent Pathways

Providing comprehensive training in cybersecurity defense and ethical hacking, this program prepares participants for a successful career in the cybersecurity world, equipping them with the skills needed to meet the demands of the industry.

Nurturing Cybersecurity Excellence in Somali Youth

Robust and Specialized Training

✔ In-depth focus on critical areas: cybersecurity defense and ethical hacking.
✔ Curriculum specifically designed to address the skills gap in the Somali youth, ensuring they are well-prepared for the demands of the cybersecurity world.

Advanced Skill Development for Industry Preparedness

✔ A comprehensive approach that goes beyond basic training, encompassing advanced techniques and real-world scenarios.
✔ Prepares participants for a range of roles within cybersecurity, making them versatile and industry-ready.

Continuous Career Guidance and Support

✔ From the outset of training to the crucial phase of job acquisition, we provide unwavering support and guidance.
✔ Even after job placement, our mentorship continues, helping participants navigate their career paths successfully.

Extensive Networking and Industry Integration

✔ Direct connections with leading companies and experts in the cybersecurity sector
✔ These partnerships offer our participants unique insights into the industry, along with opportunities for professional development and employment.

Empowerment and Long-Term Development

✔ Our commitment is to the long-term development of Somalia's younger generation in the field of cybersecurity.
✔ By bridging the gap between raw talent and the ever-evolving demands of the global cybersecurity landscape, we aim to foster a future where Somali youth are at the forefront of technological defense and innovation.

Learning Paths
  • Cloud Security
  • SOC L1 training
  • Helpdesk training
  • Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing training
  • Digital Forensics
  • Firewall Engineer

This program offers comprehensive training in cybersecurity defense and ethical hacking, designed to prepare participants for a successful career in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity field. By equipping students with critical skills, we ensure they meet industry demands. Additionally, we connect participants with leading IT and cybersecurity employers in Somalia, facilitating real-world opportunities and career advancement.

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